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Sustainable Fashion

OA supports sustainable fashion and we need to take responsibility for our actions.
We try to create high-quality jewelry that lasts for a lifetime.
Naturally, jewelry will be oxidized with time,
which is why we include replating and care services to keep your favorite pieces shiny and new. 

Re-Plate Gold 14k

When you purchase your jewelry from OriginAg you will receive OriginAg Certificate. This document certifies and authenticates that your items are Sterling Silver and Gold Plated color is replated available 1 time.


Silver Jewelry from OriginAg All pieces are available for re-polishing 1 time

OA Rubber Box

We provide air-pressure rubber box jewelry for all pieces. This Rubber box will maintain your lifetime jewelry by protecting your jewelry that will be oxidized because of the air. This rubber box also protects damaged or broken jewelry with a soft touch inside the box.