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Our Story

The name Origin Ag is inspired by a chemical element. ‘Ag’ is originally from the symbol of silver which has atomic number 47 in the periodic table of elements. Ag is commonly known as silver, an element that is transitional and cooperative with other kinds of metals to create a beautiful material for fine jewelry. We use silver as the base component of the jewelry then add a touch of brightness with 14K gilding to create a variety of art pieces to match our customers’ preferences. 

Starting from a small family business, OA wants to pass on the wisdom and techniques from their silversmith family to the next generation to learn the value of craftsmanship and integrate with modern technology during the design and production process in hopes of capturing every generation’s desire.

“OA wants to encourage you to be YOU.”

Our jewelry is designed to be your simple everyday wear. Pick your favorite statement piece or meaningful jewelry that you keep close to your heart and add on OA to complete your look.