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OA Workshop Experience

Workshop Class Detail : Handmade Ring Experience Start from 990 THB 

Experience time: 30-40 minutes and take home the ring

Free ! Engraving and Stamping
“Handmade ring experience”
OA want you to experience the fun of making rings.Let’s making rings for your special person friends, family, pairings for couples.

Step 1
Choose shape and design
Shape : Round instep / flat ring
Design : hammer / Smooth

Step 2
Choose Ring width
-Size Ring

Step 3
Choose your finishing

-Shiny Mirror Surface

Step 4
-Design wording to engrave
-Design Symbol to engrave

Step 5
Let’s do it !
-Burn the ring with fire torch
-Making ring size
-Make a texture

Completion !

Price includes the cost of materials and engraving.

Please Reserve in advance
Weekend : SAT-SUN 10.00-18.00